Mullen Automotive (MULN Stock) News Today

Mullen Automotive (MULN Stock) News Today

Mullen Automotive (MULN Stock) News Today

Today we're going to talk about Mullen Automotive [MULN] stock there's a great article that came out a few days ago from Investorplace and this article talks about how the stock went up briefly after the

purchase of the Elms assets and then it's down again, 

Now there's something really important I wanted to touch on here, I love companies like lucid and Ruby and I think their cars are beautiful and quite frankly I think their cars are probably better than Mullen automotive's car

Now one of my biggest concerns with Mullen Automotive is that they have a lot to prove, I know they got a car as an example but all these startups built cars that's not a big deal.

first of all, what differentiates Mullen Automotive from all the other EV cars, ask yourself this question what differentiates them I think the biggest differentiator they have is that their price point is a lot

lower but the car isn't that special like other cars in the market.

Mullen Automative News Video Update

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