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Stranger Things Season 4 Movie

Movie NameStranger Things Season 4
DirectorShawn Levy
ProducerDuffer Brothers
Release Date27th May 2022
LanguageHindi | English
GenreSci-Fi | Action | Adventure | Horror
Running Time2:30 Hours

Stranger things season 4 download

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what is up Netflix fans welcome back to my channel we are talking all things netflix and in today's post we are diving back into hawkins the world of

stranger things season four episodes one through seven no spoilers in this post, since the battle of star court which brought terror and destruction to

hawkins our group of friends have been separated for the first time struggling with the aftermath of said events and

navigating the complexities of high school this has not made things any easier on our crew in the most vulnerable time a new and horrifying

supernatural threat surfaces presenting a gruesome and i mean gruesome mystery that if solved may finally put an end to the horrors of the upside down like i

said we're not talking spoilers in this post so i won't get into specifics but the tone this season is significantly darker than what we've seen prior to

Stranger Things Season 4 Web Series Storyline

this right we've seen some scary imagery obviously some monsters and creatures from the demogorgon to pretty much everything to the first three seasons

but nothing and i mean nothing has prepared you for some of the things we see in season four and starting at the

end of season one i put my reaction out yesterday on tick tock and let me tell you i was shocked when that episode ended because

some of the things that i saw in those final five minutes were terrifying and as always we're going to talk about the rating for this series it

is tv 14 but uh i'm not entirely sure if that has changed for season four because the imagery the intense scenes the violence and the gore it's all amplified

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to an 11 out of 10. so this season may even be tv mature i feel like they're going to stick to that tv 14 rating but just know you're going to see some very

messed up things and if you have really young kids watching this they may be petrified so just know that but that's the thing this series is six years old at this point we

have grown up with these kids and I'm sure the younger generation that watch this they're old enough now to know kind of what they're in for and you're in for

a lot because something is happening once again in hawkins and it's causing the fallout of these events to affect each one of our characters who are spread out in

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various locations so not only are we focusing on hawkins this time around we are all the way in russia and then of course joyce and company moved away so

will and eleven and that entire crew they are gone and now our kids well they have entered high school and that is going to change a lot of things

including character dynamics between our crew and i'm talking our main crew romances that have been heavily affected by the social status of certain

characters and then will and eleven being all the way over here and Jonathan of course that is going to affect and

impact certain relationships so the first few episodes are really spent recovering getting us back into this world understanding the character

dynamics at this point and we'll talk about you know the characters that we know and love but i want to hit on some of the newcomers this time around

Stranger Things Season 4 Web Series Download Filmywap

because they are firmly a part of the show at this point you have jamie campbell bower who plays peter a big part of 11's past eduardo franco argyle

who is kind of like the stoner best friend almost solely played for comedy mason dye who plays jason he is kind of the leader of the cool kids here he's

the troy bolton a high school musical reference uh but they don't do a musical number at least i can't tell you if they do they might and part of me wishes we would have

spent more time with this crew and really the entirety of the school aspect in hawkins i'd say we get much more of 11 and wills side of things

at the new school they are going to because introducing a character like jason you need to kind of understand more where he's coming from and and the

idea of relating everything back to something that really no one cares about at the end of the day even though these are the cool kids we have

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to cheer for them and i mean yeah basketball is great but if we remember back to last season a lot of people died so hawkins is a place

shrouded in mystery our other new character played by joseph quinn eddie munson starts out on this level he's the

leader of the hellfire club and he's kind of taken mike and dustin under his wing brought them into high school but it was such a wild introduction to his

character it felt like it was too much and i'm like i don't know if i'm gonna like this guy but by the time i got to episode 7 and his character being a big

player in the events that go down especially in those first two episodes i'm like i'm in i think he's doing a spectacular job and he fits into the

the story seamlessly i really came to love and appreciate his character and he has a relationship with dustin that's causing a bit of a rift between those

two and steve because of course steve and dustin's relationship so we get to explore that uh a lot in this season i appreciated that and all of the

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individual relationships of course robin being a character that we grew to love last season played by maya hawk who does a wonderful job she is firmly a part of this group but

then there's some more tension between she and another character lots of tension and people getting to know each

other who didn't spend time with each other in prior seasons i would say the standout of the old crew is someone that i i maybe didn't expect and that's max

sadie sync is max obviously dealing with the loss of her brother but it goes beyond that she is really a changed person from top to bottom her

relationship with lucas is strained and understanding where she comes from is easy because she's giving such an incredible performance you feel that

emotion from her she doesn't fit in as well as she did there's just a lot happening and then of course you know that relationship with eleven well she's

Stranger Things Season 4 Web Series Download Moviesflix

gone now eleven's an entirely different place so that's causing her to rethink a lot of things i just thought she maybe gave the best performance of this entire

season all of the performances are great across the board but she stood out for some reason and speaking of 11 millie bobby brown gets a storyline in this

season that starts out in one place all of her struggles in high school kids the bullies let me tell you there's some

bullies in this season and i'm sitting here going what is wrong with these kids did that i mean i'm sure they did act like that but did kids really act like

this it does occasionally get to the point to where it may come across as too much but you understand what they're going for and this really does feel like

something that happened in the 80s 1986 is the year that we are in and of course we get the pop culture references across the board but they're not as prominent

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or prevalent i don't know if people are gonna actually take issue with that uh there are things happening in the background that you're going to recognize all of this but at the end of

the day what we're focused on here is the story the build up for that story and this terrifying series of events these things happening across hawkins

the butterfly effect of said events are affecting everyone at all places so we're jumping from story to story to story i've not even talked about hopper yes he's in the

trailer so it's not a spoiler i will just say this about his story david harbor is amazing he's going through a grueling series of events in this season

and there's a lot that he has to deal with so much emotional weight and you feel that you understand that and the adult side of things we have everything

happening with our kids i loved most of that but the adults are having to do a lot of things as well joyce of course she's great what more can i say murray a

character that i was questioning when we first saw him a couple of seasons ago now we love him the next thing i want to talk about are the flashbacks and this

Stranger Things Season 4 Web Series Download Isaimini

brings me back to 11's storyline which is integral for her character but i will fully admit that was my least favorite story to cut to mostly because the

majority of it is reliving her past it is important and we are building up to something that fully culminates in the final episode that we get in this first

part of this season we get the final two episodes in a couple of months uh so episode seven makes her storyline worth it but i wasn't as invested in that

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storyline because any time we would build up tension somewhere else we would always cut back to what's going on with 11. and instead of adding to that

tension these moments were slower i guess filled more with exploring certain relationships but i wasn't as entertained or enthused every time we

would cut back to that if that makes sense now thankfully millie bobby brown is amazing and she carries those moments and the payoff is freaking great i loved the way

everything came together in episode seven definitely a cliffhanger but you are gonna get enough answers to at least leave you satisfied with episode seven

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