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John Wick Chapter 4 Full Movie Free Download
Is there anyone left that John wick hasn't killed well there will be a fourth chapter so whoever's left should get their affairs.
Idea of what's coming Keanu Reeves successful franchise has become a cautionary tale about not harming dogs or stealing rare muscle cars but also so much more the beat you learn with each chapter.
A new layer of the Society of assassins is revealed and then shot several times over and then stabbed and hit by cars that have been hit by other cars.  with all that what can.
We expect from the fourth installment let's take a look at some of the best theories for the 2020 to release spoilers ahead.
For the first three chapters there has been one person throughout all of this who doesn't become visibly uncomfortable.

John Wick Chapter 4 Full Movie Free Download HD [Watch Online]

When John Wick's name is mentioned and that is the manager of the Continental Winston call it professional courtesy or call it a fondness but Winston had been a staunch ally of Wick.
while still maintaining his role as the caretaker of the assassins neutral ground he enforced the no business on continental grounds rule though no business conducted on the Continental grounds.
No matter who broke it that means that wick was made excommunicate oh when he killed Santino in front of Winston Winston later used the excommunicated wick to defend the hotel.
From a hostile takeover by the adjudicator like so many before once someone uses the unstoppable killing machine named John wick they then try and kill the unstoppable killing machine named John wick.
Who then has to kill even more people he has to die Winston betrays wick at the end of Parabellum shooting him to get his hotel back in a deal.
With the adjudicator but what if this is still all part of Winston's big plan to upend the high table surely Winston knows that just shooting John.

Wick wasn't going to work and he didn't seem that surprised that wicks body was no longer there reddit user Deluxe traffic proposed a theory. 
That this whole thing has been Winston's plan all along maybe even responsible for John's wife dying better hope that wick doesn't find out.
If that true one of the most prominent theories out there is not really one theory but a whole category of theories.
In fact there are so many it's hard to track down who belongs to what so if you see one you've supported raise your hands we'll call it the unofficial sequel theory.
The John wick movies are the sequel to every Keanu Reeves movie ever made Point Break sure since Johnny Utah lets Bondi surf.
The big waves and goes on the run himself the former extreme sport super cop goes into hiding and becomes the super assassin known as John wick.

The matrix this is a big one after the matrix reboots and reinstalls a neo with some of those neo action-hero skills to keep killing agents just with a more defined purpose.
That won't disrupt the matrix Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure I did say every Keanu Reeves movie hit me well maybe not Johnny mnemonic.
Though they both are names John in the mill and head Theory the murderous John wick is the product of a fractured timeline.

John Wick Chapter 4 Full Movie Free Download | storyline

Where the wild stallions weren't able to get people to be excellent to each other there's even a theory that it's a sequel to movies.
Reeves has never been in like reddit user visit Jared who proposes that John wick is Rambo's estranged son.
After all Rambo is also an unstoppable killing machine with sad sad eyes a redditor with the impossibly cool name of manta ray previous life has gone a step further.
And decided that the John wick movies aren't just like a video game but they are video games it has all the hallmarks wit goes through hordes of henchmen 
Before hitting a boss including a mid-level boss and an end boss as injuries never really take everything happens with close.
This is perhaps one of the easiest theories to make about the 4th chapter of the John wick franchise it'll feature.

An army of assassins well cool Third Point down have time to move on to the next one what what do you mean I have to expand on.
That but it alright wick has been mowing through small armies of assassins ever since the sad Papa tried to cover for his son's unfortunate choices.
In Grand Theft Auto it's never ended well for the assassins even when all the assassins in New York were given the green light.
To go after wick a principle of war is that one of the big keys to winning his overwhelming numbers in the fourth chapter were likely to see.
At least one wick opponent think that the problem wasn't enough people or perhaps the right kind of people many of the ones that try and storm.
Well I mean it will end the same way spectacularly for John wick that is when Viggo Tarasov tries to explain the scope of how badly a Sun screwed up.
By killing wicks puppy and stealing his car he refers to wick as the Baba Yaga when his son says boogeyman Viggo corrects him wick is the man.
you send to kill the boogeyman that might be a bit of foreshadowing because throughout the series there has been one lingering boogeyman stocking the entire community 
Of assassins the high table they set and enforce the rules and having a seat at the table is a coveted position a group of people who murder with impunity all dare not break the rules.
At the high table and going against them has dire consequences they are the movies boogeyman man the Baba Yaga is coming for then.
That would mean that we're also likely to see more of the high table there's more to come and they likely all have their own secret weapons.

To deal with what's coming the Baba Yaga the guy who kills the boogeyman there is one person who has held John wick who has managed to not betray him or even.

Couch his help in his own agenda and that is Charon the concierge his entire character has been marked by calm professionalism.
And a fondness for a well-behaved shelter dog by the third movie the concierge joined John wick in the defense of the Continental proving.

That he can kill people with more than just kindness Karen also happens to by the name of the boat man at the river.

Styx who takes souls to the land of the dead for the price of a coin even though Karen complimented his boss for doing what every other dead person in the franchise has done using wick.
Then betraying him once in power Luke lose Karen has been exceedingly kind to wick and seems to show a genuine professional affection for him.
Even boarding his dog when that's not a service that the hotel provides when wit goes through everyone who has looked at him sideways.
In the wick verse Karen might end up being the last man standing taking up a new leadership role over whoever's left.
This one is more of an assumption about how movies go eventually someone will go you know what John wick needs a love interest.

Now wait you say John wick already had a love interest and she died that's his sole motivation to live so that he can remember her and you're right wicks feelings.
About his dead wife are the Uncle Ben at the John wick franchise just like you don't get a spider-man without the Y'all dying words of Uncle Ben and Peter Parker's feelings.

Of guilt for not doing something to stop that death John wick doesn't happen if he hadn't just started focusing his grief and love into a puppy.

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John Wick Chapter 4 Full Movie Free Download HD
That his wife got him before she died and then the guy no one liked from Game of Thrones went and killed the puppy can the franchise go for movies.
Without raising the spectre of a new love interest they managed make wicks relationship with Sophia professionally troubled.

Instead of room anta CLE troubled time will tell if they continue to resist that siren call for shipping WIC with another woman Johwick has met a few people.
That managed to prove slightly harder to kill than the regular see of future dead bodies he encounters in Parabellum the adjudicator enlists the help of sushi chef and super.

Assassin zero who makes for the climactic battle at the end of the movie but as good as zero is he's still just a fan what could be next for John wick.
He already faced all the assassins in New York and the adjudicators first wave will numbers be enough John wick definitely has the superhero effect the more people he faces the deadlier.
He becomes this can take a few forms usually conveniently tied to our protagonist it can be whoever trained wick personally not just the director at the theater.
But the one who personally taught wick his moves presumably by having wick attack him and then throwing wick to the floor and saying something pithy.
He's saying that kind of movie broke John wick is going to eventually meet the anti wick the man who is supposed to kill the man who kills the boogeyman.
Remember how this all started the younger Tarasov coveted John wicks hot rod and stole it killing wicks dog in the process Tarasov uncle ended up with the car and a whole lot fewer henchman laughed.
when wick came to claim it the road racing Mustang the boss series was meant for the popular road racing Trans Am championship with the NASCAR engine the 429 was a NASCAR racing engine.
That had to appear in a limited number of production cars ended up a little worse for wear once wit got the beast home he handed it over to the tragical underutilized John Leguizamo as Aurelio.

Who was tasked with writing the wrongs done with wicks hot rod this is no week at the Overhauling shop the frame was bent.
when he used the car as a battering ram we haven't seen it since the opening of the second chapter but with a something that important.
It's bound to come back and when it does it doesn't seem unreasonable that Aurelio added a few new features to the classic pony car.

It could be anything from secret gun compartments to James Bond style mounted gadgets oh Jenny the coffee loving beat cop who never seems fazed by all the death.
And destruction that seems to surround wix life and the only explanation were given as to why wick isn't the subject of an international manhunt as the world's most prolific killer. 

What's Jenny's story how is it that he's always the one who gets the call when wicks activities finally catch the attention of a world that didn't seem to notice people being murdered.
In Grand Central Station well another editor with a clever name has a theory for a Kris 87 has posited that Jimmy the cop is actually an associate of the high table.
we've learner that they have various camps everywhere including the homeless through the battery King.
It would explain why Jimmy is so low-key on all the murder and destruction but it also feeds into Jimmy's interest and whether wick is working again.
It could be that his position is higher than we first might have assumed up until the third chapter of John wick the individual movies didn't have a special name.
It was just chapter one and two for the first movies but for the third movie we got a subtitled Para bellum it's a clever title because it's the name of a gun.

As we know from Winston subtitles it also means prepare for war you might be mistaken prepare for war might be mistaken in thinking that the war happened in parabellum but this was more than likely just prelude.
That's right all that murder and mayhem was just the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand for the coming world war that will happen in the fourth chapter.
It's not just Wick avenging a puppy and getting his car back it's not even killing the people who betrayed him now.

It's wick and the Bowery King who are as they say pissed add to the mix whatever is in Winston's plans and the adjudicator and open warfare is likely going to be the
For the fourth movie and that's just some of what we might be able to expect from the fourth chapter of John wick what's your theory john wick has actually Brock from venture Bros.

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