Top 10 Money Heist Season 5 Predictions | Major Plot Line that will sock you

Today we are going to discuss top 10 money heist season 5 predictions, major plotlines based on facts, and analysis that will surely amaze you.

 The fourth season of money heist was an instant hit that left viewers mesmerized by the romantic and feel-good idea of a robbery and now fans are looking forward

to watching the fifth season of the popular Spanish crime series in spite of being a non-English show today we're going to be talking about

Top 10 money heist season 5 predictions major plotline and surprising theories

Money Heist Season 5 Predictions

you don't want to miss the surprise who will return in season five a character who nobody could have imagined so far stay tuned to find out who's back alive in season five

10. Addition to the heist team Alicia season 5 will start with the gang being in the mint for over 100 hours inside the bank of Spain

they rescue Raquel Mario Lisbon and are grieving the loss of a fellow gang member Nairobi with the professor being held by a police

inspector Alicia sierra and having no plan in place and the gang is quite confident that they will make it through the heist

not knowing that the army is at the gates a simple bank robbery will turn into a war zone and fans will have to hold tight to

their seats this season to see who wins the war considering the actions of season 4 it is most likely that Alicia sierra will appear as the new heist member

having lost her job and status Alicia sierra will join the gang as she's the one with power over the professor and with her being pregnant

it's in her best interest to switch sides inspector Alicia sierra will change sides and join the professor and his gang we hear Alicia singing Bella ciao in season 4

the heist team's initiation song has given us a clue that Alicia might be seen in a red jumpsuit too also with Alicia sierra and the professor

power pack gives us hope that the team will come out alive of the royal mint in season 5 of money heist the characters will have to fight for

their lives and not just the money like they did before

9. Denver is the next one to go looks as Denver will die in season 5. the theory fits together that his death has already been predicted

as Denver was present in the scene with professor and Helsinki which reflected Nairobi's reunion with the dead heist members Oslo Moscow after she's killed

so does this means all three are dead too after Denver beats up Arturo we think that Denver's safely in the mint will be a big question to answer we

speculate Denver will die either when Arturo takes his revenge on Denver or while protecting Stockholm

8. Stockholm and Denver parkways Stockholm in Denver relationship was quite an affair from being held hostage at the royal mint

to losing out their heart to each other during a heist and with Stockholm joining the gang in season 2 we've come a long way with this

extraordinary couple season 5 is going to break our hearts at the end of season 4 after Stockholm witnessed the violent side of Denver

who beat up Arturo which left her in doubts if Denver was the right person for her and didn't want her child Cincinnati to be raised by a person filled with so

much anger within him so if Denver ever dies Stockholm will want to be alive for her child and even if Denver manages to come out

alive Stockholm will not want to do anything with Denver again knowing his anger issues so either way in season 5 Stockholm will

part ways with Denver and the heist team altogether to be with her child, this seems to be like a perfect love story that went wrong

7. The last one left Tokyo if we recall the heist series the mastermind the professor picks Tokyo to be a part of the heist

while escaping a failed robbery he gathers a few other robbers and plans a heist in the royal mint of pain he gives them new names Tokyo, Rio berlin

Denver Moscow and Helsinki all dressed up in red jumpsuits and Salvador Dali masks with the professor directing the players from outside the

mint interestingly from season one only Tokyo has been narrating the entire story and we've started to believe that this

might be because she's the only surviving member of all heists and is recalling the entire plot after everyone else has perished

also, she was the first one to be picked by the professor before putting together the heist gang so this might be the clue that Tokyo

stays alive while others perish the surprising theory could also be that Tokyo could be narrating this story to a Nairobi's son or a judge in the prison 

6. Gandhian is still alive Gandhian executes Nairobi in season 4 which broke the gang emotionally and left them grieving Nairobi's death left

fans shattered and could not forgive Gandhian but we think Gandia couldn't die when Bogata knocked his head on the railing while

trying to escape he was unconscious and left for dead but most viewers believe that it takes more than being knocked out for a

villain characters like Gandhian to be killed and we haven't seen the closure here Gandhian being the head of security at the bank and a former member of the

armed forces professor needs him for the completion of planned Paris and he sees Gandhian as a key source for an escape from the bank

of pain so we could see him return in season 5 which will bring us to experience some really tense moments

5. Lisbon is expected to lead this is something most of us might not have expected with Lisbon inside the bank and professor under control of the inspector

Alicia sierra and no way to escape they will have to continue to melt gold at a high speed with the hope that the professor can find a

way to be smarter than Alicia sierra we will see Lisbon wearing the red jumpsuit and taking charge of the heist in the constant communication with

professor Lisbon is already a mastermind and with her relationship with the professor she might have a plan to lead this and will take over gang n

4. Berlin is Alicia sierra's husband we are aware that berlin was suffering from a mysterious disease and Alicia sierra discloses that her

husband german died of cancer Alicia sierra reveals to Raquel Mario that her husband died two months ago all this is making us believe that

there's some connection between Alicia sierra and berlin and we're connecting the dots here Berlin is the capital city of Germany

and Alicia sierra's husband's name was also german so in all probability, berlin could be Alicia sierra's husband bingo number three Alicia sierra and

Tatiana is one person there have been some theories that Alicia sierra and Tatiana could be one person who is none other than berlin's wife

apart from berlin and the professor, there was only one person who knew everything about both the heists that was Tatiana berlin's girlfriend she

could predict the professor's moves quite brilliantly while handling the heist Alicia sierra reveals to Raquel Morillo that her husband died two months ago and

called her to switch the television to see the news if we relate this to the death of berlin in money heist season 2 berlin was about to die from cancer

within two months and was involved in a fight with police during the robbery in the royal midst of Spain and might have called Tatiana to switch on the television to hear the news of his death.

2. escape to victory via front door surprise theory the gang will escape royal bank through the front door in season 4 we saw the gang inside the royal bank

since they were not digging tunnels to escape like the last time Tokyo and the rest of the gang were seen melting gold into granules

and are planning on turning the streets into chaos by raining the granules down from the sky during the chaos, the gang could pose as

hostages and get out from the front door going unnoticed sounds like a neat and well-executed plan

1. Berlin will return the biggest surprise in season 5 will be the return of berlin when berlin's death came unexpectedly in

season 2 was more of a mystery for fans as berlin sacrificed himself when he stayed back while other members escaped the Spanish men through the

the tunnel they had been digging and berlin was shot several times in his chest by the cops perhaps he was wearing a bulletproof vest

fans are fascinated by the surprise theory of the discovery of the bulletproof vest and hope it's true in season 4 there have been several flashbacks of berlin

which show his time spent together with the team before the initial heist of the royal mint from the planning of the heist before they

became Spain's most wanted criminals and so many flashbacks from berlin's wedding which speculates his return in season 5.

in the official la casa de Papel Instagram page shared the cast photo and fans were surprised to see berlin featured but not Nairobi

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