The 10 Most Common Guitar Player Questions [Ultimate Guide] 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back today we will discuss The 10 Most Common Guitar Player Questions which is asked by the majority of guitar players out there

one way or another I will go deep down to answers all the questions with my knowledge and experience, just stick to the end of this post 

I assure you will surely learn something, so without further due let's dive in this first question was phrased in a number of different ways but was essentially

10 Most Common Guitar Player Questions

Most Common Guitar Player Questions

1. How can I avoid or heal an injury while playing guitar?

This is something I've dealt with periodically I'll get discomfort caused by an inflamed tendon sheath in my left arm apparently this is a fairly common

musician injury and cream I was prescribed will clear it right up. now I know all this and was able to find that solution because I went to a doctor if

something is hurting listen to your body seek proper help so it doesn't get worse besides that, you can try some stretching

and always make sure you're relaxed while playing guitar shouldn't hurt if it does something is wrong, go see a professional especially if you're a

fellow Canadians you don't have to pay for it takes advantage.

2. How can I see the guitar in chord tones?

This is a fairly advanced topic and was one of the biggest game-changers for me and my musical development when I used to solo

I would figure out which key I was in and play the corresponding pentatonic scale I was largely unconcerned about the chords playing underneath I would

use my ear cross my fingers and hope it sounded good after becoming competent with the five pentatonic shapes I then

learned the seven modes on guitar this was basically an expansion of the pentatonic scales while I was then able to see the diatonic notes and any key

across my guitar neck my system still stayed the same use my ear and hope the notes lined up with the chords I eventually decided that this wasn't

going to cut it I wanted to be able to highlight the harmony with conviction so what I did was take the seven different

guitar modes and play each diatonic arpeggio in all the positions taken.

3. How do I make money with my music?

the one key principle that I believe in is that you need to create something great most musicians are capable of doing something pretty good

but that won't cut it remember we live in an age where every piece of recorded music is available at our fingertips why would I listen to your song over my

favorite band your competition is not your friends it's not your local music scene it's the Red Hot Chili Peppers Led

Zeppelin Michael Jackson, you need to strive to get to that level if you want to be heard now there are two ways to be great

you do something that nobody else has ever done or you do something that other people have done but you do it better of

course there are those who win the musical lottery to success but those are the outliers that sound daunting that's because it is and it's the reason

the vast majority of people who dream of being a rock star come up short however there are

Three common traits

I've seen in the few people, I know who's gone on to great success

  • one undeniable talent
  • two superhuman Drive and
  • three business savvy

if you have these three things you are bound for greatness and I look forward to seeing you at the top of the charts remember even if you never earn a

full-time income as a musician there's still a lot of satisfaction that can be found with music as a hobby I've gone deeper into the subject and a few other

article I'll link to them, you can check here

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How many hours should I practice guitar

4. How do I play with more feeling?

Again this is the common guitar player questions, The way that people connect with different guitar players and the emotions they feel are subjective but what I would recommend

breaking down the elements of your favorite guitar players technique outside of note choice take for example

if I played some note that will sound a lot different than if I play it, the first time I simply hit this string the second time I muted all the strings

I wasn't playing strum them all slid into the note and held it out with a fair bit of vibrato look for those types of subtleties and the guitar players you

enjoy and try to copy them moving along another common question is

5. How much does gear quality matter?

my answer would be it probably not as much as you think now keep in mind I'm not much of a gearhead myself my thoughts are 95% of your sound

are in the fingers I think a lot of us wrongly attributed guitarists owned to their gear when in reality it's in their touch the fancy gear will accentuate how

great a musician sounds anyways when I worked in a music store there was one employee who had played in a bunch of

rock bands back in the 70s one day he went into a practice room with a beginner level Squier Stratocaster far better off putting the brunt of our

efforts and money into practicing and lessons next up on our list is

6. How do I play faster?

well I wouldn't put my technique as one of my strengths on guitar any technical abilities I do have come from one simple principle practice

slow when I was at school for music I had a classmate who was the world's fastest drummer his name is Tom Grosset

and he also has a wicked YouTube page I remember asking him about his practice regimen fully expecting a long complex

formula he told me he said his metronome 260 which is the same speed as a second hand on a clock and hit his drum pad every beat he would make sure that at a

slow tempo he was playing each note 100% efficiently embedding perfect technique into his psyche he would spend a bit of

time with the metronome and the threshold of his speed slowly raising it but the bulk of his practice was done slow C at a slow speed you can make

those slight variations that your brain couldn't possibly comprehend when playing fast you make those changes your instinctual emotions and you develop your speed

7. How do I cure writer's block?

I think writer's block comes from a lack of tools there are countless ways to squeeze something interesting from even a mediocre idea you just need to know

them, if you hear someone say something interesting and clever if you've seen an image that provokes deeper thought write it down train yourself to be

passively ready to receive these things and err on the side of writing down too much stuff that way when you go to write you're not

hoping to just be magically inspired creativity isn't a switch you can flick on or off instead you want a wealth of ideas you can draw from if one idea

leads to nowhere move on to the next when you've done your preparation something will click the next question

that I received was

8. How do I get out of a musical rut?

so you feel like you aren't progressing and music is lost at Zeile when this happens you need to make some changes it's imperative that we all

strive to expand our skills if all we ever do is strum that one song we're already good at we'll never improve instead we want to find things we

struggle with and become good at them of course we don't want to overextend ourselves too much if this is our comfort zone we don't want to be working

on the thing way over here instead let's work on this thing just outside so our comfort zone grows ever so slightly we

repeat this over and over again until that thing that was way over our heads before is within reach you can find a lifetime of interest in music if you

devote yourself to this discipline this was also the subject of my first ever Sensei series moving on to number

9. what should I practice when I have limited time?

you're always better at focusing on fewer things than spreading yourself too thin be honest make a list of your weaknesses

and the things that are holding you back focus on the worst ones once those things become your strengths move on to the next if you're not quite as limited

with your time maybe you can focus on more things at once and make sure there's always an element in your practice where you get to have fun with

it there's a Bruce Lee quote I fear not the man who's practiced 10,000 kicks once I fear the man who's practiced one kick 10,000 times think about that

the last question on our list is

10. what topic do guitarists neglect the most?

without question, its rhythm, and I get it rhythm isn't nearly as flashy as tapping or busting out some crazy solo but it's the glue that holds all music

together it's truly what separates pros from the amateurs flashiness can keep someone entertained briefly but groove and funkiness can keep them

dancing all night if you can combine all of those things even better it also makes it easier and more fun to play with you being a great bandmate gets

you hired more the thing that kills me about this is it's so easy to incorporate rhythm into your practice whatever you're practicing do it with

the metronome easy as that remember rhythm is king we can all strive to be a little more like now Rodgers and you know I've gone into deeper depth on this subject,


There you have it the 10 most common guitar player questions I hope you found this article useful and I hope you enjoyed it

if you missed out on getting your questions in make sure you comment down, if you like what I do then hit that link over there if you're new

Thank you

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How many hours should I practice guitar