What is the price of acoustic pianos? and its Type [Detailed Guide] 2021

Before understanding what is the price of acoustic piano you need to first understand the types of Acoustic piano so basically, there are only two types of Acoustic Piano namely,

what is the price of acoustic piano

  1. The upright piano
  2. The grand piano

The Upright Piano: it is the type of piano which have the string and the soundbox is placed vertically to the fret of the keyboard. Upright pianos come in various heights,

The shorter one is called spinets and they have a lower tone due to the smaller soundbox.

In a grand piano, the string runs vertically to the keyword fret, it uses gravity to produce sound the length of these pianos approximately lies between 5 feet to 10 feet 

You've decided you wanted to buy an acoustic piano, but there are so many kinds of options out there.

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What do I even buy?

Hi, I'm Anuj.

I'm here to give you three things to think about before you buy your acoustic piano. So let's get into it. First, I just want to say congratulations

because a real acoustic piano is the end goal for any pianist out there. If you started with a keyboard or a digital piano,

congrats on moving on eventually to an actual piano. If you haven't had any digital or keyboard before and you're buying an acoustic piano, congrats cause that's the best one out there.

The level of responsiveness, the range of dynamics, and tone color are some of the things that a digital instrument can never ever match a real one.

Now, if you're a beginner student and you're just starting out on piano, it's unlikely you'd want to buy a grand piano because it's too costly and it takes up too much space.

Three Tips before Buying Acoustic Piano?

Now here are three tips I have on purchasing the best acoustic piano that you can for your buck.

1. Now the first tip I have is to spend at least $5,000 on your piano. Now at this price range, and it's not likely you're going to get

a really good new one. You probably have to get a second-hand piano at that kind of price range. So Before you actually purchased this piano,

ask a ton of questions, ask about things like warranty or if the piano has had any problems before you are the customer.

You have the right to know everything before you make the purchase.

It's a big price. So ask, ask, ask before you buy, buy, buy.

2. Tip number two is to avoid buying a piano with a bright and harsh sound. You want to get something with more of a round

and soothing sound, so it's probably a really good idea if you have someone in your family or one of your friends that plays the piano

that can actually test out these pianos for you. Get them to come with you, or perhaps it's your teacher.

Get them to come along with you to the piano store, play the piano, get their ideas on it.

3. Now tip number three is to consider which kinds of brands you want to go with. I recommend you choose the brands,

which perfectly suits you.

What is the price of acoustic pianos?

BrandGeneral Range for 6-7’ Grand
Boston piano$39,000-$51,000
Bosendorfer piano$53,000-$118,000
Baldwin piano$40,000-$42,000
Yamaha piano$54,000-$119,000
steinway piano$82,000-$141,000
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