5 Tips to STOP Guitar Buzzing Strings | Fix Your Guitar Buzzing [2021]

if you're a guitar geek like me you look forward to that point in the day when you can finally sit down relax grab your guitar and have some fun but nothing can spoil

that fun is more than a buzzy instrument which is why in today's article I want to show you how to fix guitar buzzing strings or string rattle on your guitar particularly your acoustic guitar,

also, I'm gonna share a lot of tips to diagnose if something is wrong with your guitar and what you do with that diagnosis?

now I want you to stay to the end because there's gonna be some surprising ways that your guitar can be buzzing and you need to know about it

before we dig into the different buzzes and where they could be coming from I want to identify two distinctly different categories of buzzes we have

mechanical buzzes which can be coming from your guitar because of the truss & rod or other metallic things or strings and things like that

and then we also have technical buzzes which can be caused by your playing how you approach the fret and things like that so I'm gonna go over both of these

here but I'm gonna start with the technical buzzes because those are actually pretty darn easy to fix so the 

How to stop Guitar from Buzzing

How to stop Guitar from Buzzing

1. The first reason your guitar may be buzzing is because of your fretting location here's an example if I'm on the second fret of the d-string but I'm Way behind the second fret

this is what the notes gonna sound like buzzing. this is a really easy fix because instead of being way far away from your intended fret I want you to be right

next to your intended fret not on top of it but right next to it that'll clean up the note significantly and put you in the sweet spot of the fret

2. the next reason you could be experiencing buzzy strings or muted chords is that you're fretting with the pad of your fretting finger instead of the fingertip

this is also really simple to fix I'm gonna share with you two ways to fix this, so fretting with the pad of your finger is not so good right

we're gonna get some really clunky muted notes so what I want you to do is make sure that you're fretting the string with your fingertip in the sweet spot and

what I want you to do is introduce some arch into your fretting hand or your fretting fingers and the way that you do that is by taking the palm of your

fretting hand and bringing it closer to the bottom edge of the fretboard this will introduce more arch into your fretting hand and allow for good

clearance for those open strings and a good strong fretting posture for your fretting finger and last but certainly not least and this one is

extremely important I want you to have the right amount of pressure when you fret and it's a delicate balance because you don't want to be white-knuckle in

the guitar strings but you don't want to be loosey-goosey either because if you're not putting enough pressure down you're gonna get a really nice sound

note which is why fretting in the sweet spot allows you to put just enough pressure hold the string down just firm enough against a fret to get a good

solid clean tone so that's the technical end of the buzzing spectrum and it all really focuses on proper fretting approach right in the sweet self-right

in the sweet spot right on your fingertips and a good arch in the fingers with the right amount of pressure next.

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let's move on to the mechanical reasons

1. your guitar could be buzzing and these are gonna actually be pretty easy to remember because we're gonna start with a headstock and work our way towards the

body of the guitar in fact the first reason why your guitar may be buzzing might not even be the guitar itself it might be the shirt that you're wearing

if your shirt has a zipper or a button on it or a pin of some sort and you're holding your guitar closed that zipper or button might be buzzing against the

guitar back so this is a really easy fix you can either change your shirt or just move the guitar a little bit away from your shirt

I should add a disclaimer here you should not be playing an acoustic guitar with zippers on your shirt because it's not good for the finish

2.okay I digress moving on the next reason your guitar may be buzzing is from the tuners specifically the bushings or loose metal parts on your tuners now

The guitar I chose to use for this article because it actually has loose tuner bushings and it sounds a lot like this kind of sounds a maraca this

is a really easy fix I just haven't done it yet all you have to do is take a small dab of wood glue and with the strings off of your guitar and put it right underneath

those bushings and that'll help them from not rattling it'll make them nice and solid so they don't Bop around and create that metallic rattle

3.the next place I want you to look he's behind the nut of the guitar sometimes what happens is if the nut slots are cut too shallow there might be this weird buzz or

sympathetic overtone originating from your strings behind the nut this is another really easy fix all you have to do is take a little small piece of leather shoelace or even

just a standard cotton shoelace and thread it in between the strings and that'll stop them from ringing behind a nut next your guitars truss rod might be

rattling now I know this sounds weird like how the heck do you know if your guitars truss rod is rattling well this guitar happens to have a rattling truss

rod as well this guitar if I knock on the neck and hold the strings quiet you'll hear this metallic kind of little sizzle going on in there well that's the

The truss rod nut is just kind of loose just hanging out there this is also actually a really easy fix it sounds a little more intense but I can assure you it's

actually quite easy just take your truss rod wrench and go ahead and snug up the truss rod nut now keep in mind I'm not telling you to tighten your truss rod

here I'm just telling you to Snug up the truss rod nut to the truss rod channel so that it's not rattling around when you play the guitar again that's one

sounds scarier than it is it actually is quite common because as your guitar vibrates over time that nut on the trust rod can actually loosen the next thing I

want you to check is the ball ends of your strings when you change strings on your acoustic guitar you put the ball in into the little hole, you put the bridge

pin in and you want that ball end to sit right up against the bridge plate well sometimes for whatever reason, it doesn't it just hangs a little bit below the

bridge plate well what can happen then is as you play that ball end starts to wiggle around and cause a weird rattling sound this is really easy to fix all you

have to do is make sure that your bridge pin is seated nice and firmly don't press too hard just make sure it's nice and firm and then pull up on the string

and that'll make sure that the ball end sits right up against that bridge plate furthermore on the inside of the acoustic guitar especially if you have a

pickup you might have a wire that's touching the top or the back or the sides of the guitar and when you play the top back insides vibrate

hence vibrating the wire hence causing a weird rattle or kind of buzzy sensation again another super simple fix all you have to do is loosen the strings reach

inside and pull that pickup wire away from whatever vibrating surface might be happening now before I get to the really detrimental ones I want to let you know

that strings do indeed wear out so if your guitar is buzzing it might be because the string windings on the bass strings to eat a deed the G strings they might

actually, be separating from the core wire and this usually happens down by the saddle especially if you haven't changed your strings in a long time so

the best fix for this is to well just get a new set of strings and put them on and that might solve all of your buzzy woes now these last and final reasons

your guitar might be buzzing is definitely cause for you to take your guitar to a luthier or repair shop okay so if your guitar is in its case and it

takes a hit or maybe you haven't been as urgent about humidifying your guitar might develop a crack or maybe even a loose brace if this is the case don't panic it's totally okay

everything is fixable but you might be getting this weird buzzing sensation from inside your guitar if it's a loose brace that brace is just kind of hitting

against the vibrating top of the guitar and it actually will cause for this really odd sound it's almost like a slapback delay or furthermore if your guitar

has cracked those two surfaces might be vibrating against one another causing some sort of buzz or rattle again if this is the case please take your guitar

to your local Luth here or repair shop they can certainly cleat the crack or adjust that loose brace glue it and make sure it's nice and solid so it's no

longer causing an issue while you're playing and then your guitar is structurally sound again.

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