How Many Hours Should I Practice Guitar [The Ultimate Guide] 2021

How many hours should I practice guitar every day in order to get to the top level of what you can do in order to get you to know the mastery where you really are

also, we're gonna discuss how many hours per day you need to practice to become a great guitarist now the first thing I want to point out is there have

actually been Studies on this how long does it take to become world-class at anything whether it's an instrument playing tennis whatever there's a great book on this by Matthew side called

Bounce now this book talks about the myth of talent and the power of practice and the studies are suggesting that to become world-class at something 

How many hours per day you need to practice to become a great guitarist?

How Many Hours Should I Practice Guitar
How Many Hours Should I Practice Guitar

you need to put in 10,000 hours of practice now if we do some maths on these numbers

10,000 hours divided by the 365 days in a year would mean we would have to play

twenty-seven hours a day to become world-class in a year

obviously, there are not 27 hours in a day so

let's divide this into five years now we could do five and a half hours a day it would take five years but we would become world-class in theory

well we could divide it into eight years that would mean playing three and a half hours a day for eight years to become world-class now whilst these numbers are

intriguing most of us are not bothered about being a world-class standard on the guitar we just want to get great at it we want to be able to play all our

favorite songs get some enjoyment out of it. right now for me personally, I estimate that I've probably done well over 5,000

hours practicing the guitar which explains why I'm not world-class standard but I'm definitely good enough to make a living from the instrument now

in my first two to three years of playing the guitar, I had no guidance as to what I should be learning how I should be learning so a lot of my hours

were kind of half wasted I was going in the wrong direction etc now I think I could have got to the standard I'm at today in half the time

if I'd had the right teacher learning the right way learn in the right order made every second count then I actually think that you can become a

great guitarist in just three thousand dollars now three thousand dollars is far more realistic than ten thousand dollars all right you can get there much

quicker than you think because everything is exponentially less so if we divide three thousand dollars by 365 days in the year we would have to play

eight hours a day for a whole year to become a great guitarist now most of us won't have eight hours every day so let's make this more realistic if we

spread this across three years we would have to play three hours a day now again most of us aren't going to have three hours a day so let's spread this across

five years we could play one-and-a-half hours a day for five years and we would become a great guitarist now for me

personally, I spent around four years playing guitar between two to six hours every day now it's important to note that when I was playing that much I

wasn't just playing things that I already knew how to play I wasn't just playing easy things I was challenging myself I was trying to become better

within those hours and that is how you become a great guitarist, consistency is super important so trying to play something every day makes the hours rock

up so much faster than if you play three times a week for example you know playing seven days a week that's more than twice as much as three times a week

and it racks up much quicker you improve super far so to conclude this whole lesson how many hours should you play per day one and a half hours is a good

benchmark to strive for but obviously, it depends on you as an individual if you want to improve faster you're gonna have to play more than that if you don't mind

improving slower you can play even less than that alright that's it from me guys make sure you smash that like button.

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a well-rounded musician who can do stuff in a relaxed way where everything's easy now you don't have to focus on you know producing the notes playing the chords

getting the rhythm right because it's just natural, something that's enormously easy to do and so you can focus on the music how many hours should

you practice in order to get to that place and the most important thing it's the wrong question really because of course we can talk about that and I'm going to give you a number

but it's the wrong question because you can practice eight hours a day for 10 years and not get there seriously you can if you don't follow

the principles of practicing and most people who got to a very high skill level followed the right principle principles some of them did not but they

compensated by their sheer, the sheer amount of passion and enthusiasm and just powered through and they ended up with a kind of a where technique but

they get the job done anyway all right so that is the main key it is how passionate are you, are you totally into it because that is going to

shift your whole body and brain and you're going to learn at a totally different rate but and if you focus on I have to do this for three hours a day or

four or five you're just going to remain at the level, you are and get in you improve but you're never going to explode into that totally different world

where everything is effortless on your instrument everyone whoever got to that level really had these extremely intense periods of practicing and then

they had you know periods of relaxation to some degree, they're practicing a little and then back and forth between being obsessed about it but not so obsessed 

so that's what you should focus on is getting really high on guitar practicing and in learning but when it comes to hours you can look at that behavior and

say okay how many hours was that and I would say that I went when it was crazy it was like six hours in a weekend you know every day for six hours Saturday

Sunday maybe eight hours and I was impressed by myself then hide oh and you know weekdays it was like three or four hours when it was intense

because I was so obsessed about it at the times you know months at a time then I was practicing constantly. you can see people who

haven't really spent enough time with their guitar is like they look a little bit awkward with it basically they look like it's a thing outside my body right.

so I have told you all the ways you just follow the time chart, as shown above, just remember one thing dream big even if you won't be able to reach the sky you will be at least better than everyone out there,

Thank you,

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