Guitar questions and answers- Google's Most Searched Guitar Questions

hello everyone welcome back today I'm going to start typing guitar questions into the Google search engine and then let it auto fill in the rest I

will then do my best to answer those Auto filled questions so basically it's guitar questions and answers

for those of you who've been a regular visitor, you might remember a few years back

I made a similar content called answering the most googled music questions the big difference back then was I wasn't doing

guitar-specific questions the other big difference back then was I hadn't been self-isolating for over a month feeling less creative than usual so I wouldn't

have had to rehash an old pretty good idea

Guitar questions and answers- Google's Most Searched Guitar Questions

Google's Most Searched Guitar Questions

if I start taping something into the Google search engine the AI will try to predict what I'm gonna ask based on what other people have typed

so for example, if I type in samurai guitarist it brings up things like samurai guitarist lessons samurai guitarist age my age of 32

samurai guitarist girlfriend her name is Jenny, she's wonderful samurai guitarist net worth my net worth is 30 odd guitars a handful of amps and

a bunch of pedals most of which are of the weird variety you get the point so if I start typing out who is the guitar I guess who is guitar pilgrim I believe

he's a YouTuber who is guitar George

guitar George is a character and one of my favorite songs are Sultans of Swing guitar George God check him out he knows

all the chords don't want to make you cry or sing he strictly rhythm he's got a daytime job he's doing alright fact about me I am absolutely

terrible at song lyrics the exception being it take me home country roads of which I can recite in English German and Japanese I consider that to

be one of my greater achievements all right what else do we have on here

who is the guitar-tuned Berg gratitude?

Berg okay that's amazing numerous people have thought that bread

His real name is guitar oh Lord all right let's try something different here how about 

what is guitar intonation?

intonating and guitar is making it so that your strings are in tune with themselves if you hit an open E string and then play the twelfth fret

on that same string if both those notes are in tune then congratulations your E string is properly intonated now go

why are guitars?

it's as much a lifestyle as it is an instrument my friend we also have

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How many hours should I practice guitar

what is guitar-shredding?

guitar-shredding means different things to different people to me, it means treating the guitar more as a means to demonstrate technical ability

then as a means to elicit an emotional response when I'm listening to shred guitar, I often find myself thinking wow that's impressive versus

wow that's beautiful I'm having a deeply emotional reaction it could also mean just someone's getting a guitar like 

that guy's shreds guitar nice moving on down the list of questions let's do

when is guitar day?

I'm gonna say September 21st that or every day

if we put in where's the guitar we get where is a guitar town?

guitar town is a great song by Steve Earle let's see if we can figure out where it is from the lyrics ok so

there are two pieces of information in the lyrics that can help us determine where guitar town is first of all he

says he is just out of Austin and he also says we've come a thousand miles from a guitar town next thing we need to

do is figure out what town is a thousand miles from Austin okay so a little bit of research tells me that major cities

around a thousand miles from Austin would be Minneapolis we have Orlando and Chicago so guitar town is probably one of those three

Minneapolis had prints Chicago had the Blues Orlando has a theme park, Chicago is guitar town according to google guitar town is the CB handle for the city of

Nashville which is where Earl got the title also according to Google Austin and Nashville are eight hundred fifty

eight point five miles apart not one thousand miles what we learned from this if you're ever on a road trip with Steve

Earle doesn't put in my own directions

if you type in google, why guitarists, we have such results as to why bass guitarists?

this is the question many of us have asked many a time why bass guitarist, the answer is apparently there are many posts on a bass forum asking that very

question what if I put in why guitarists hate Wonderwall well it's quite easy to play and it's a

a very well-known song so chances are even if you don't really play much guitar you can probably get through a half-decent

version of Wonderwall if you've ever been to a party where the host had an acoustic guitar lying around it's likely that some guy picked it up and tried to

start a Wonderwall sing-along

I found the success rate of this to be about 50/50 a trained guitarist might look down on the guy singing this Oasis song but you know what everyone's

enjoying it don't be a downer let them have their fun but also if you're the guy trying to initiate the Wonderwall sing-along make sure you read the room

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How many hours should I practice guitar