Lut Gaye Guitar Tabs - Jubin Nautiyal Feat Emraan Hashmi (100% Accurate)

 Lut Gaye single string Guitar Tabs - Jubin Nautiyal

Lut Gaye single string Guitar Tabs
Lut Gaye Guitar Tabs

lut Gaye single string guitar tabs by Jubin nautiyal feat Emraan Hashmi. Lut Gaye is a superhit Hindi Bollywood song with over 500 million-plus views across different platforms.

lyrics is written by Manoj Muntashir and the music director is Tanishk Bagchi and the official music video is directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay sapur.

I tried my best to transpose lut Gaye guitar tabs song on a single string, you just have to play this song tabs with proper rhythm and timing.

so I have explained all the tabs step by step so that you all can get a detailed explanation of the lut Gaye guitar tabs.

I have played this song on a single string of G string or 3rd string of the guitar. 

I have made these tabs easy but by just adding slides in it you don't have to worry about the pull off and other kinds of stuff

for example, if you see G|--9/7 it means that you have to slide back from G string 9th fret to G string 7th fret.

lut Gaye single string guitar tabs


G|------5-7—7-7—5-7—7-7—9-10-9-7—Play 2 Times

G|------2-3—3-3—2-3—3—5-7-5-3—5-3-5-3-2--- Play 2 Times

Part 1

Maine jab dekha tha tujhko

Raat bhi wo yaad hai mujhko

G|--9/7—7-7-7-7—7-9-10—9/7—Play 2 times

Part 2

Taare ginte ginte so gaya


Dil mera dhadka tha kass se

Kuchh kaha tha tune hans ke

G|--9/7—7-7-7-7—7-9-10—9/7—Play 2 times

Main usi pal tera ho gaya


Part 3

Aasmanon mein jo khuda hain

Usse meri yahin dua hain

G|--10—10-10—10-9—9-10-9-7—Play 2 times

Chand yeh har roz main dekhu 

Tere saath mein aankh


Part 4

Uthi Mohabbat ne anghdai li


Dil ka sauda hua chandni raat mein


Ho teri nazron ne kuchh aisa jaadu kiya


Lut gaye hum toh pehli mulaqaat mein

Ho ankh uthi


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