50+ Best Funny Guitar Quotes | guitar captions, guitar sayings, quotes

 Funny Guitar Quotes

so here are 50 plus funny guitar quotes for all the guitar buddies, explore our collection I have covered, funny bass guitar quotes, guitar captions, guitar sayings from around the web

Funny Guitar Quotes
Funny Guitar Quotes

1. what's the difference between equator player and extra large Pizza?
   Extra large Pizza could feed a family

2. How to guitar player play Bass?
    Like  a guitar player

3. How do you know there's a lead singer in front door?
   They have no idea where the key is and they don't wanna come in. 

4. what do you call a extremely happy guitar player?
   PRS own it

5. why was the guitar player carrying out a camera? 
    To make sure and they never run out of ticks. 

6. what's the guitar player having common with a vacuum? 
    when you plug them in they both sucks. 

7. what do you say when you see a beautiful girl on the arm of a guitar player?

   Nice tattoo

8. How can a guitar player earn 1 million dollar? 

    start off with 2 million and then try to earn a living by playing guitar. 

9. How do you make a guitar player car more Aerodynamic? 

    Take the papajohn sign off the roof. 

10. How do you make a guitar players eyes light up?

     Shine a flash light in his ears

11. If you drop a guitar player and a watermelon off the roof at the same time which one hits the ground first?

     Who cares

12. what is the difference between a coach and a guitar player?

     The coach can support a family. 

13. what are the longest four year of a Bass guitar player life? 

      Second Grade

14. what did the guitar say to the ukulele?

      Uke I am your father

15. How many fall guitarist does it take to change a light bulb? 

      One to do it and one to complain that its electric

16. How do you get a guitar player to stop playing?

    Put sheet music in front of them, sheet music not only stop guitarist from playing it's great to feed to      Bass players when they are hungry. 

17. what's the definition of an optimistic? 

      A guitarist with a mortgage

18. If you have to guitar players and you are needing them to play in like perfect unison? 

      The way to do that is to shoot one of them. 

19. How do you know someone really good guitarist? 

      yeah he will tell you repeatedly

20. why do we bury guitar player Six Feet Under?

      Because deep down guitar players are all really nice people. 

21. How long does it take to tune a 12 string guitar? 

      Nobody knows, always tuning its never ending. 

22. what's black and blue lying in a ditch? 

      A guitar sits told to many drummer jokes

23. someone: asked to play my gypsum SG special

      Me : sure 

      My Brain : I will cave yours skull in a bowling ball if you scratch it

24. My Brain : maybe it's time to learn other songs to to get better

      Me : Playing the song I already can play

25. Me: I should practice guitar right now 

      My mind: No I should watch YouTube video right now

26. Thought : I should learn why this scale sound good so I can use it in all the keys.

       Reality : I just go by ear

27. Thought : I should really finished learning this song it's been a month since I started it

       Me: Time to learn new song I will get back to others songs later

28. Me : I should learn guitar solo of this song 

       Also me : only learn chords of this song

29. Thought : I definitely should learn more music theory about music structure and chords progression         so i can learn the song by myself

        Also me : i will look for a tab on internet

30. Thought : guitar is so cool , you can play all those melodies and solo and stuffs 

       Also me : BASS

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Funny quotes about guitar player

  • Don't Practice it until you can play it right practice it until you can't play it wrong
  • Never being able to master the guitar is both the worst thing and the best thing about the guitar. 
  • your fretting hand is what you know and your picking hand is who you are
  • Do not seek to be a fast guitar player or a slow guitar player trying Street to be a musical guitar player
  • look up for inspiration look down on nobody
  • Tone is in the fingers
  • A half assed effort will yield quarter asked results. 
  • you are never smarter for not knowing something. 
  • it's not about how long you have been playing it's about how often you play
  • music doesn't always need a story behind it sometimes you can write a song just because it sound friggin cool. 
  • Don't concern yourself about what you played concern yourself with what you are playing
  • Band rehearsal is not practice
  • we all come to this Cross Road at one point or another give up or work harder which will you do.
  • I wish I had a Lamborghini so that I could sell it and buy 700 guitar. 
  • Just because the guitar is more expensive doesn't make it better
  • I shouldn't say i can read sheet music when i really mean i can only read tabular

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